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.: mademoizayn Asked:
"hahahahaha I laughed reading it again!! i thought ur commentary was gr8! also while i'm here I need to share this video w/ u cuz i realized I want all of it in gif form so u pick whatever whenever if u feel like it: /watch?v=9gZnKMqRv8I (and i wanna cry over Zayn's voice all the time!)" :.

Hahahah, thanks <33 & there were some already made, idk if you saw them or not. I made some more and I’ll post them if tumblr stops being dumb. I’VE HAD THE WORST TIME TRYING TO UPLOAD PHOTOSETS LATELY. Hopefully they’ll publish soon. xo

  1. yziam said: Are you talking about the errors while uploading gifs? You’ve just got to reduce the saturation or vibrance.or just put a light blue or light pink colour overlay
  2. mademoizayn said: omg THANKS … his profile in that!!! thanks for all the GIFs u make :) x
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