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ok i have 2 go 2 bed it was fun

sweet dreams y’all i luv u <3


remember watching the MSG livestream and the girl recording left in the middle of the show to buy merch

  • i love past zayn so much
  • i love present zayn so much
  • i’m gonna love future zayn so much
  • i
  • love
  • zayn
  • so
  • fucking
  • much


Man In The Mirror - 26.06.12 - Atlanta

Title: Love You More
Artist: Zayn ft. Niall
Played: 1498 times

ziall twitcam, never forget


Rip Liam’s YouTube channel 2013-2013

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Niall: What the fuck are you doing?

Zayn: hehe singing

Played: 217527 times


everything about this.

1. Zayn’s weird accent.
2. Niall’s laugh then mentioning Justin Bieber.
3. Zayn & Niall’s canadian accents.
4. VAS HAPPENIN are you crazeh?
5. Niall singing Party in the USA.